About Us

Hey! Welcome to Sea New Places!

We’re Lauren, Carter, and Molly (our cat). We’re soon to be college graduates and we’ve had a passion for travel ever since we left the U.S.A in August 2017 to study abroad in Malaysia. Since returning home, neither of us has really felt satisfied and have found ourselves reminiscing about our times together abroad.

Now with graduation approaching we had a choice. To get a 9-5 and follow the rest of society or to follow our dreams and see new places. We chose the latter and purchased a one-way ticket for June 2019!

Stay tuned for the adventure of our lives. Until then, this blog is a place for us to tell our stories from our time in Southeast Asia.

Meet Lauren & Carter:

We’re two 22 year old’s with a desire to see new parts of the world. We met our freshmen year of college (2015) in class as we are both Finance majors.

We both LOVE water! Whether it’s the ocean, sea, or lake you can always count on us to be the first ones in. We love being beach bums but you can also find us hiking to some cool places in search of the best views. The two of us absolutely adore animals, especially cats! (Our cat Molly is #1)

Meet Molly:

We adopted Molly in NH in August 2018 when she was 4 1/2 months old. She is our little perpetual winker who loves to eat and chase anything that moves.

She is also obsessed with bottle caps, hair ties, her stuffed camel, or anything really she can get her paws on.

Molly has many nicknames so you will probably notice us referring to her throughout our blog as Molly, Molls, or Speedy Gonzalez (Carter’s personal favorite).

When we adopted Molly we had no idea that we would be leaving our American lives in pursuit of something new. When we made this decision we knew there was no way we would or could leave our Molls behind. As inconvenient as she may be at times when traveling, she’s a part of the squad so she’s coming with us!