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Hey! Welcome to Sea New Places!

We’re Lauren, Carter, and Molly (our cat). We graduated from college May 2019 and shortly after left the comforts of our homes in the United States to see new places. This decision came to us less than two years after returning from studying abroad in Malaysia where we discovered our passion for travel. We booked a one way ticket back to Southeast Asia starting in Thailand. In July 2019 we are moving to Vietnam to settle down and have a home base for our possessions and Molly. From there we plan to travel throughout Southeast Asia and also discover more of the country we will soon be calling home.

Meet Lauren & Carter:

Carter: Hey it’s Carter! I’m 22 and graduated Summa Cum Laude with my B.S. Finance. I’m a numbers guy! I enjoy business, planning our budget and ensuring we stick to it. For fun I love going to the beach, hiking to amazing view points, and biking. One of my favorite aspects of SE Asia is the fresh fruit, especially the mangoes! I don’t consider my day complete until I’ve had a mango shake.

Lauren: Hi! I’m Lauren but most people call me Lo. I graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Finance. I could happily spend my day at the beach, walking around a giant city, or getting lost in history at a museum. Some of my favorite things include lychee, chocolate, cats (especially my baby Molly!), and finding the best iced coffee wherever I am. 

Meet Molly:

Molly joined our lives in August 2018 when she was just 4 1/2 months old. We adopted her in our home state of New Hampshire however her story doesn’t start there. As you can see from her picture, Molly is our little perpetual winker.

Her mom was found roaming around a clover field in North Carolina injured from a gunshot wound to the leg. At this time she was already pregnant with Molly and her siblings. A kind person found the mom and took her to the animal hospital where Molly eventually came to be. Molly and one of her brothers both had an issue with their left eyes. For some reason their eyelids were stuck to their eyeballs and even though the vets tried to save their eyes, in the end they found removing the left eye to be the most comfortable solution for the kittens. Skip forward to now and Molly is just like any two eyed cat. Sure sometimes she overestimates how much room is really between her and the edge of the bed but having one eye doesn’t stop her playful soul.

Molly loves her stuffed camel, bottle caps, and hair ties. She also has a fire burning passion for knocking over seltzer water and soda as the carbonation sound drives her nuts! 

Molly has a couple of nicknames you may notice us referring to her as throughout the blog which include Molls and Speedy Gonzalez (as she has these bursts of energy where she takes off full speed ahead).

When we adopted Molly we had no idea that we would be leaving our American lives in pursuit of something new. When we made this decision we knew there was no way we would or could leave our Molls behind. Even if she makes things slightly more complicated when traveling, she’s a part of the squad and always will be!